Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond Business

At Lifestyles, we believe in sustainable global development and want to play our part in it. We are committed to making a difference and strive to have a positive impact on the world, through our products, but also through our business practices and our production methods.

Our Sustainability Vision

To make billions of joyful moments sustainable

Our Sustainability Mission

To put sustainability into more joyful moments by incorporating one or more of our sustainability goals into every initiative in every function of our business every year

2020 Sustainable Development Focus Areas

In 2020, we have set for ourselves 5 key areas to focus on as a business, based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We are currently doing a lot of good work across the business in these five areas and will strive to do more throughout the year and beyond.

5 key focus area for LifeStyles

Our Commitment

To promote good health and wellbeing for our consumers through safe, consensual, healthy sexual relations.

How we will create impact

Building on our mission, optimising access to products that promote sensual wellbeing. We will pioneer promoting wellbeing and good health through sex and building on our education work around HIV and AIDS.

Already delivered
  • Global A focus on World Aids Day – education and distributing free condoms at local shopping malls.
  • Global Slum Awareness Programme – providing education around sexual health and awareness in slum areas.
  • Italy Partnership with the Italian Red Cross to raise awareness around STDs and how to take action to prevent them.
Our Commitment

To provide quality education around safe sex, consensual relationships and the prevention of sexual diseases to consumers around the world.

How we will create impact

As a global sexual wellness company, we are in a trusted position to be an influencer and educator for consumers on sexual issues and wider education around sex in relationships (sensuality).

Already delivered
  • China | Launch of the ‘2019 China AIDS Day White Paper’ to help educate our consumers on the dangers and prevention of AIDS.
  • India | Construction of 2 schools in Bangalore (Balar Bande School and Mahantalinggapur school).
  • China | Partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation to help educate young people that AIDS is still a big issue. Education through art around safe sex, HIV prevention and LGBT rights.
  • Global | Partnership with Youth Against AIDS, an international non-profit organization based in Germany that provides sexual education in schools and youth facilities all over the world
Our Commitment

To be a brand that champions and promotes gender equality across the world, through awareness and education.

How we will create impact

We are a global company, with trusted brands, we are in a trusted position to promote gender equality around the world, helping to educate around gender equality issues such as FGM.

Already delivered
  • Global | Strong supporter of International Women’s Day. Fun activities held throughout the business under the #BalanceforBetter slogan.
  • Global | working with the LGBTQ+ community to raise awareness and education around rights and issues that affect them.
  • Global | Gender balance throughout organization (exceptional vs. industry standard)
Our Commitment

To promote responsible consumption across our staff and consumers.

To promote responsible, sustainable production across all of our factories.

How we will create impact

As a global business, we have a responsibility to promote responsible production practices and do our best to reduce the impact that we have on the environment from our own production practices and the materials we use.

We also have a responsibility as a global manufacturer to help our consumers reduce their own impact through consumption by providing products that are more sustainable (less plastic, smaller carbon footprint)

Already delivered
  • ANZ | An official signatory of the Australian packaging covenant, making a commitment to reduce the consumption of materials in packaging and make them more sustainable.
  • Global | Reduction of the use of plastic water bottles in all offices. Use of glass bottles or employees-own reusable bottles.
  • Global | Focus on recycling in all offices and factories
  • Global | Significant reduction in the use of paper for printing, even with an increased head count of staff.
Our Commitment

To reduce the overall carbon footprint of the business, helping to limit the impact our products have on the environment.

How we will create impact

As a global company we have a responsibility to lead by example on climate change issues.

Already delivered
  • Global | Reduction of energy use across offices and factories
  • Global | Slum Awareness Programme – providing education around sexual health and awareness in slum areas.
  • Global | Focus on energy reduction throughout plants and offices. Installation of LED lighting to significantly reduce energy use.
  • Thailand | Energy saving project throughout the plant, continuing to every building.
  • Thailand | Wastewater reduction. Improvements in the water treatment plant which has been improved to comply with the new regulations set by the Department of Industrial Works.
  • Thailand | Reduction of 92 KL of water per month in the plant, saving over 1 million litres of water per year!